Thursday, December 24, 2009

Tickling Our Ears with Dreams of Utopia

Phyllis Tickle was recently interviewed on the most appropriately named "Ooze TV" about her vision of the Coming Emergent Council which would hold together the loosey goosey confederation of Emergents. The discussion starts about the hypenated emergents as in Presbymergents, Baptimergents, Luthermergents, Methomergents, Queermergents, etc. and moves quickly into her glorious Utopian vision of the Emergent Church Universal!

She likens Our denominations as the "Jerusalem" Church endorsing the "Antioch" Church. I believe the better analogy for her movement would be the Revelation 17:1-5 church!

Fables continue to be developed by the Emergent Church Conversation in nearly every denomination. Are they meeting just down the hall in your Church?

Remember Paul's warning in 2 Tim 4:4!

Here's the Link Burke mentions: http://http//

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