Sunday, December 27, 2009

Religion as G-D Management System

In a book that only Brian McLaren could have matched and did endorse (see below), It's Really All About God: Reflections of a Muslim Atheist Jewish Christian by New York City pastor Samir Selmanovic presents their jointly held Universalist, Rodney Kingish, "Why can't we all just get along" just "Hand me another tire iron" Post-Modern worldview.

“I'm speechless in trying to describe this book. I laughed out loud in places and cried big tears at the end. It's a work of faith, a work of art, and to some, no doubt, it will be a work of damnable heresy. I think this book will change people's lives, and more: it can save lives, in the many senses of that word. All the religious pundits and broadcasters on radio and cable TV had better take notice, because this book threatens our conventional, comfortable categories and familiar black-and-white polarities. Selmanovic has the nerve to imagine our religions becoming, not walls behind which we hide and over which we lob bombs of damnation, but bridges over which we travel to find God in the other.” Brian McLaren, Author/Activist

In the Publisher's Weekly description:

"Selmanovic synthesizes his upbringing in a Muslim-atheist household and his own conversion to Christianity as a young adult to create this concise and entertaining interfaith memoir. The author vividly describes his childhood in Yugoslavia, where his Muslim father and Christian mother reveled in multicultural cooking and entertaining. Essentially raised to be an atheist, Selmanovic shattered his parents' world when he converted to Christianity at age 18 during his required army service."

Only in Yugoslavia or America could we place these mutually exclusives so close together!

"Selmanovic's story goes much deeper while still being respectful of, and fair to, all faiths and beliefs. An active member of the interfaith movement, Selmanovic actually moves beyond just creating harmony between faiths toward achieving a d├ętente between people of faith and atheists. He challenges clergy to reclaim a space outside institutional walls and Christians to tone down conversion rhetoric. Sprinkled throughout are Selmanovic's entertaining and illustrative anecdotes, including the quite memorable Theology of Hemorrhoids."

Hemorrhoidal theology aside, Samir presents himself as the ultimate, passive, nice guy as can be seen in his video below. Is it any surprise that McLaren is so excited?

Especially, since Samir believes all religions are G-D Management Systems! Are these not the Post-Modern's ghost-like monsters and their fabled, evil "Metanarratives" created and reinforced only by power structures and are therefore not to be trusted? Brian McLaren was right, this will be seen as "a work of damnable heresy!" consistent with the Revelation 17:1-5 church!

Samir's Interfaith Memoir

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